Unframed Poster Print.


All prints are from original artwork ranging from watercolours to soft colour, wax pencils. These products are an alternative, affordable option to originals, without sacrificing colour and quality. Perfect for stand alone posters or suitable for framing.


Paper Quality is smooth matt finish on 240gsm poster weight - fotospeed matt ultra. For a heavier, more luxurious paper print please see 'Luxury Prints' individualy listed.



WHITE LION Poster Print

  • White Lions are not albinos nor are they a different species of lion. These big cats have a rare genetic condition called Leucism, causing lesser ammounts of pigmentation throughout the hair shift. Believed to be native to the Timbasati region of South Africa, the first recorded sighting was in the 1920's, but has a long oral history. 

    Devine creatures, the Sepedi and Tsonga consider the White Lion to be "the most sacred animal on the African Continent"


    To honour these beautiful and rare animals I have drawn a large portrait, focusing on the face to hightlight the striking blue eyes, framed by a soft golden mane. This image was created with an initial layer of embossing (indentations on the paper to create the illusion of hair in negative space) then overlayed in colours, using soft wax pencils.

Artwork and images are property of © 2018 by Jasmine Smart Fine Art. Coasters and mugs are bespoke and handmade. Unique discrepancies may occur and colour may vary slightly due to individual monitor display.