Quality print of Black Panther, reproduced from original soft pencil, embossed drawing.


The Leopard is the smallest of the four nig cats (Tiger, Lion and Jaguar). The Panther is not a different species to the regular Leopard, it's colour is determined through genes. In this case, it is a surplus of melanism that causes a black fur coat. The spotted markings you can see, even on black coats, are called rosettes and is slightly different to those you would see on a Jaguar. Jaguars are also heavier, have shorter legs and tail than Leopards. 



Luxury BLACK PANTHER Prints from £25

  • This powerful contemporary Jaguar will add style and interest to all aspects in your home, regardless of existing decor. Perfect in the lounge, living spaces and bedrooms, the dark, eye catching colour will add the perfect finishing, stand out  luxury touch to your walls.

    Prints are reproduced on heavy weight paper, providing you with the option to leave unmounted or framed at your own personal preference.


    Images are printed using archival quality, Fine Art Trade Guild approved printers, inks and papers. Tests from the manufacturor show prints produced can last over 100 years.


    All prints are printed onto Hahnemühle 300+gsm paperboard weight, the highest quality of fine art papers.

    "Quality has been our priority since 1584. Naturally, a company that has been around for more than 400 years ago manufactures its products to the highest quality standards. Without this strong focus on high quality paper, such a long company tradition would not have had a firm foundation” - Hahnemühle.com 


    Prints come with a certificate of Authenticity 


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