Unframed Poster Print.


All prints are from original artwork ranging from watercolours to soft colour, wax pencils. These products are an alternative, affordable option to originals, without sacrificing colour and quality. Perfect for stand alone posters or suitable for framing.


Paper Quality is smooth matt finish on 240gsm poster weight - fotospeed matt ultra. 




  • Like White Lions, Golden or White Zebras are not albino but are born with the Amelanism condition, resulting in a lack of melanin pigmentation. This causes the Zebra to have beautiful gold stripes and blue eyes.

    Unfortnuately, Golden Zebras would likely not last long in the wild as their usual black and white stripes are used as camoflage to confuse predadtors. White Zebras are extremely rare.


    I created this image to honour the beauty and rarity of Golden Zebras. I used an embossing process to create negative hair indentation in the paper, before applying layers of soft wax pencil colour.

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