These wraps are a great alternative option to wrapping up your food items, such as fruits, cheese and sandwiches! 


This pack of two standard size wraps (approx) 36cm x 32cm each have a generous coating of melted down, 100% only cosmetic grade beeswax pellets, void of impurities.


My food wraps are almost completely handmade by me, down to the printing of the fabric. I believe what makes my work truely unique is my art doesn't end when I have finished a drawing, but is continued into the production. That is why I print and hand coat every beeswax wrap myself, adding that extra little something special to every order. 



  • To look after your Beeswax Wraps simply wipe clean with cold and a miled detergent.
  • Avoid hot water and hot surfaces
  • To give your wrap a lease of life, pop it in the oven on a low heat for a couple minutes to re-distribute the wax. Carefully take out the oven after wax has melted and hang dry.

Because I handmake my coasters, beeswax wraps, mugs, cushions, and more, this means I can be more flexible with custom orders. If you see my artwork on other items not availble on this product, please feel free to drop me a message. If you would like to discuss a more individual custom order, please visit my CUSTOM ORDERS tab.


Completely made and sourced in the UK.





    Artwork and images are property of © 2018 by Jasmine Smart Fine Art. Coasters and mugs are bespoke and handmade. Unique discrepancies may occur and colour may vary slightly due to individual monitor display.