"All art is born of the observation and investigation of nature" 
- Marcus Tullis Cicero


After graduating in Oxford, England, I have been constantly creating, inspired by the Wiltshire  countryside and everyday surroundings.


Originality and simplicity is fundamental in my designs; combining traditional techniques and technology to deliver modern wildlife drawings and designs.

My animal portraits are contemporary renditions, achieved through an embossing process, before layers of gentle colours are applied, resulting in soft yet unique images. 

I aim to create fresh, Contemporary designs for art lovers and nature lovers alike. From my works come affordable products for your practical, everyday needs and decoration. Enabling everyone to bring nature indoors.

Each print arrives hand signed, adding a personable touch to your order.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact link, for any questions, orders or general messages. 


Keep it Simple, Make it Special

Jasmine Smart


2015 - Oxford OVADA

2015 - Oxford Brookes University

2016 - Black Swan Gallery Artisan

2016 - Black Swan Round Gallery

2017 - Black Swan Long Gallery

2017 - Trowbridge Arts

2018 - The Orchard Lounge

2019 - Malt House Emporium


1.Carefully open the tube packaging and remove your print.

2.Peel the tape off the rolled up print. Do not use a knife.

Don't squeeze the print too hard as you may bend or dent it. 

3.Lay the print face down on a clean, flat surface. 

Carefully flatten your print with your (clean) hands starting from one side. Place clean, heavy and flat weighted items on top for 24 hours. 

4.Some prints may need to be weighted down for longer than 24 hours.

Artwork and images are property of © 2018 by Jasmine Smart Fine Art. Coasters and mugs are bespoke and handmade. Unique discrepancies may occur and colour may vary slightly due to individual monitor display.